Expédition DX au TOGO - Mars 2004

        5V7C   by the F6KOP's team        


Latest news
Saturday  24th of April 2004

Full story's page of dxpedition, bye the team, is online; including photos.

QSLs will be printed very soon .

Tuesday 30th of March 2004
5V7C in some numbers:

17916 QSOs, 8524 OMs worcked in 137 DXCC countrys.

8838 QSOs CW, 8008 SSB, 634 RTTY and 355 PSK31.

123 QSOs (all CW) on 160m and 90 QSOs on 6m

11 OMs are in log on the 9 HF bands.

OM worked in most of band and most of mode is F8BBL (9 bands CW, 7 bands SSB and 3 bands RTTY). Congrats Laurent, great job ! 

Saturday 20th of March 2004
Log is online !

Every QSL card that will arrive with right SAE will be answered by mail.

Every QSL card without sufficient money for stamps will be answered via the bureau. For SAE use 1 or 2 US $ or NEW IRC. Please pay attention: for out of Europe 1$ isn't sufficient to coverage postage costs.

Every donations will be accept with gratitude.

Monday 15th of March 2004
NOTA: The logbooks are not yet online. The applet works, but it is not yet linked
to the log file. Soon...

Some first pictures...

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9

 1 Team in Lome, 2 Pirogue, 3 F5TVG + F5CW, 4 F8BUI, 5 F5VHQ 6 F4AJQ (ON4AJQ) + F5CW, 7 F5JSD, 8 Lezard, 9 5V7C's team with Mister Gaba, in charge of Ham service for ARTP -Autorité de Réglémentation des Secteurs de Postes et de Télécommunications du Togo- and is brother.

Sunday 14th of March 2004
Landing in Paris CDG with 1 h in advance. Some friend for welcome them. All operators are tired but OK. About 17500 QSOs in the log.
Saturday 13th of March 2004
After the last night with only a few hours for sleeping; the last day,  the last hours, the last chance to be in the log and at about 13.30TU: the end. Time to unplug antennas and repacked stations.

But the end of emissions is not the end, now come the time to work for the after...

Log will be soon on line, and also photos, statistics, story...   So stay tuned !

Friday 12th of March 2004

 Yesss ! The 15000 QSO's wall is break (well done guys !)

From yesterday propagation is bad on the high bands in the daytime.

Few infos because their Internet's gate still go down (yes, it's possible). they just may read mail but it's almost all.

This evening Team take a break for a final meal all together (It's a French team !). This night will be the last night and tomorrow all the equipment must be dismounted and packed. One rig will be on the air as long as possible for giving one last chance to be in the log.

Plane take off  at 21.30 TU from Lome and landing at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport at 5.00 TU (6h in France). We will be here with some friend for welcome them.

Bruno - F5AGB

Thursday 11th of March 2004
Messages from the team:

Hello... March 11th 0915Z
More than 13000 QSO...
At last some 160 and 80 this night.
Again tonight... 80/160 CW
Also 50 because good opportunity again today
Today efforts on 28 CW and 14 CW/SSB
Magnetic storm here QRM a little the bands
...but we go forward.
-Big local QRN comes cyclely on some bands
-Big QRN/QSB up to the storms

Six meters ant will be beamed to Caribbe
About 2130Z, beacon 50096 QSX 50115
Team 5V7C

Wenesday 10th of March 2004 (Oooops not thursday today !)
Messages from the team:

It's done 80 QSO on 50 Mhz Today !

with ON CT F EA I IS 9H IT EW?
missed SV1 ...

Sould be better again tmrw...
please listen Beacon 50096 and CALL CALL CALL
often on 50204 to HEAT ionosphere...

Tks for nice job !
5V7C Team


The operation goes well, we were just above 10,000 QSO's early this morning on March 10th. The pile-ups are huge, but quite well listening operator indications. some EU stations have difficulties to understand that we cut the EU pile-ups to only work JA and pacific, but these areas only have +/- 2 x 45mn openings in the days while EU is open nearly all day.

Still nothing heard (no bcn or trafic) on 6m depite particular attention between 1000z and 1400z.
beacon is ON on 50.096 QSX 50.204 (you can also call us on SSB).
You can now alert the operator when you hear the bcn via a short e-mail to 06******@sfr.net with your locator and RST.

Yesterday afternoon, we moved some antennas that where close to the hotel lift generating a lot of noise on the bands.

73 and looking forward to contact you

de Pascal (F5JSD)
The 5V7C team from Lomé

Audio records (Thanks F8BBL): 

5V7C op F4AJQ 15M SSB 10 03 2004 12H30z.wav (1037Ko)

5V7C op F5CW 20M CW 10 03 2004 18H17z.wav (470Ko)

Tuesday 9th of March 2004
March 9, 2004 - message on website's guestbook this morning:
"50MHz: beacon working every day; band never opened so far.
RTTY: problem to work in split; please stay patient, we try to work in simplex as many stations as possible
Asia/pacific: we will listen tomorrow starting 6 UTC on 20m
160m: it seems we had a pirate yesterday
About 5000 qsos in the log this morning.

vy 73 de John / 5V7C Team"

No SSTV, only PSK31 and RTTY 

***5V7C team may now read mails !  :-)

Monday 8th of March 2004
Messages send today on the guestbook of this website by the team:

"more than 3500 QSO in the log on Monday 8 at 9h00

V80 erected today
Dipole 30m moved because of QRM by the lift !
Stand by on 12 and 10 for USA
50 mHz beacon is ON
2 elements antena is beamed to Asia and pacific
(internet connection very slow... 20 minutes for send this message)
5V7C Team"

"Titanex okay - works on all bands. See you on the low bands tonight.
e-mail connection nok. Only access via this site for any info.
73 de John, F5VHQ"

Sunday 7th of March 2004
All the team in now at the hotel, but many hours late due to jump by BENIN for drop some passengers (from previous cancelled planes - sand storm).
Arrival at the hotel at 00.30 utc. WX is 33 C hot and wet.
Now the team is on the hotel's roof for the antennas. MA5V and six meters beam are OK, V80 will be erected this afternoon.

All is OK and all are OK !  800 QSOs are already in the log.

Saturday 6th of March 2004
John F5VHQ and Franck F5TVG are now "on the air" since yesterday evening..

Rest of the team have taking off today in the afternoon. No problems but a little luggage weight exces and a plane full up (the 2 precedent flights to Lome were cancelled). Some pictures from Charles de Gaulle airport:

1   2   3   4

1- They gone.

2 et 3 - Carrying the "antennas luggage"

4- They stay.

Nota: Official translator of this site, F5JSD, in on the plane. So I'm very sorry for you but my english is a little bit "light". I hope you understand all.  Bruno F5AGB.

Thursday 4th of March 2004
Taking of this morning end from Paris. John F5VHQ and Franck F5TVG are now in Lome. No problems during the flight or the custom control but first mosquitos's kiss just outside of the airport...  
Friday 27th of February 2004
Log's search page is now online (Thanks to G4ZFE for his little applet, It's a great help for DXpedition website makers). All is now ready, D day-8, the team is on the starting-block. Warm up this weekend for the ops : French REF SSB contest.
Thursday 26th of February 2004
Reversed latest news order in order to allow easier reading.
Added pilots stations on the page "operating aids to 5V". During the
expedition these will be in charge of feeding back information from their region
(skeds, comments, propagation) to the 5V7C team on a daily basis via
internet, phone or radio.
Sunday 22th of February 2004
This was the last preparation meeting before the departure that took place at Frank's house (F4AJQ). The whole team was there plus a couple of close friends (such as Bernard F9IE who was just back from a trip on Mexican IOTA's).
We checked the last details and everything is now ready for the departure. The equipment has been splitted among operators in order not to exceed the airline weight limit (coax cable is heavy!). The 2 elements tribander beam in his packaging is somehow impressive. As we found a little spare room, we decided to take an extra FD4 antenna.
Franck F5TVG and John F5VHQ who will leave 2 days earlier have their full stations and should be on the air with a limited trafic starting on Saturday 6th.
The meeting ended around a very friendly lunch. Dany F5CW brough us the TX0C video (Chesterfield DXpedition)
Hereunder are a couple of pictures from the meeting. John F5VHQ had to catch a plane and left early. He is not on the pictures

 1     2     3

Photo 1: Pascal F5JSD setting-up the PC network
Photo 2: The 5V7C team (without F5VHQ) with the Togo flag
Photo 3: The whole attendance!
Thursday 5th of February 2004
Frequencies board added in "operating aids" page.
Tuesday 22th of January 2004
R7 antenna previously listed in the antennas board is not available. She is replaced by a MA5V from F6KOP's club. 
Sunday 18th of January 2004
The whole team met + Jean-Paul F8BJI and myself F5AGB at Romain's house (F8BUI). All logistics, planning and technical aspects of the DX'pedition were covered. The various pieces of the puzzle start fitting all together and everyone left at the end of the day with his action list in order to fix the last details. The next and probably final meeting should take place at the end of February.
 The meeting ended around some fresh cider.
Several modifications and updates will be added to these web pages in the coming days, stay tuned!
Here are a couple of pictures from this meeting.

         F8BUI    F5TVG   F4AJQ  F5JSD F5CW F8BJI   F5AGB F5VHQ


Sunday 11th of January
Adding new page "Help to works 5V". New pictures on F6KOP's page and some littles things everywhere.
Tuesday 6th of January
John/F5VHQ and Franck/F5TVG will land in Togo on the 4th of March in order to collect the license and start setting up the logistics.
Therefore, they may be partly active on the air starting on the 5th of March.

An additional chart on antennas has been added on the equipment page.
Thursday 1st of January 2004
Happy New Year to all !!!!

Light modifications are applied on a daily basis, but only major ones are indicated here.
The sponsor list is getting longer, this is good.
The page on Togo is now available in English (Thanks Pascal - F5JSD)
Monday 29th of December
The english pages are now on line, with 270 visits in 6 days, this could no longer wait. Sorry for mistakes, I will correct them later.

The F6KOP pages has been updated with some photos
Tuesday 23rd of December
The site is on line.
Monday 22nd of December
Data on operators and equipment is updated
The team received confirmation of the callsign 5V7C. The site can be launched and referenced.
Wednesday 10th of December
The site in on line for testing
Tuesday 9th of December
Bruno/F5AGB starts designing the web pages.
The origins of the DXpedition... Why and how?
Everything started during a conversation between Franck/F4AJQ and Flo/F5CWU during the Clipperton DX Club annual meeting that took place in Lille (France) in September 2003.Flo raised the idea of Togo during a telephone call on the following month.

Several phone calls later, Franck had contacted the potential operators of the coming operation among his usual pals and a quick off meeting took place at Franck's home (F5TVG) on the 7th of December 2003. Jean-Paul/F8BJI who initially planned to join us and be our digimode expert, unfortunately had to cancel due to professional commitments on the selected dates.